The Riverside Crew team is looking for a volunteer to join the team in a social media role to help bring awareness to our Riverside rowing program.

Responsibilities for this role include:

  • Coordinate social media communications such as posting updates, photos, and event information on channels such as Face Book and Instagram.
  • Collaborate with the team’s ( webmaster and Remind admins to ensure messaging on social media platforms is consistent with that on the team’s website and Remind.
  • Maintain the Riverside Athletics Crew web pages with the current information for each season.
  • Provide content to the Riverside newsletters about crew activities.
  • Good knowledge of social media and communications is very helpful.


We would like to get this role right away so we may begin transitioning someone into the responsibilities over the summer and be prepared for the start of the school year this fall and 2022 spring crew season.



If you have interest, please contact:



Jean Bright
Riverside Crew President  | 703-627-2046