About Us

On November 1st of 2019 a small group of parents decided to start a crew team at Riverside High School. We had one goal, shells on the water in the spring. Without going into all the complexities, we were told the odds of pulling this off in 15 months were slim. Getting it done in 3 months, impossible. We had no shells, no coaches, no launches, no rowers, no tools and no place to row. The icing on the cake; rowing is a tier 3 varsity sport, that means we get no financial support from the school. Every penny is funded via 501c3 corporation (nonprofit) run by parents.

3 months later, we had 5 shells, 4 coaches, 2 launches, 25 rowers, 4 toolboxes and a patch of dirt along the Potomac to put our shells. The 4 coaches and their families have contributed hundreds of hours and close to 20 thousand dollars to get the program off the ground.

Please donate to help us out and share with friends and family.

Board of Directors

  • Samantha Carrier, President
  • Denise Passarella, Secretary
  • William Hom, Treasurer
  • Kristy Balwinski

Coaching Staff

  • Dan Passarella, Head Coach
  • John H. Bright, Coach
  • Joseph Carrier, Coach
  • Brian Hardy, Coach
  • Scott Bryant, Coach 

“Rowing is why I am what I am. Rowers are not born, they are made. It’s time for me to step up, pay it forward.”

Dan Passarella

Head Coach