Getting Started

Please read through all of the information on this page. There are specific requirements that must be satisfied for Loudoun County Public Schools, US Rowing as well as the team.

If you have questions about the program or any of these steps you can contact us using the online form. 

Register with Riverside Crew

Go to the registration page and submit your information. The cost per student to row is $1030 or $818 for each sibling. Dues for 2023 are $1200 per athlete.

What’s included in the dues

Cost includes use of equipment, regatta entry fees, and the hospitality tent at races (food for athletes and families). It DOES NOT include the cost of winter training (below) or uniforms (information on purchasing uniforms will be provided) or US Rowing membership (below).

In addition each rower’s parent(s) must volunteer with the club in some form. We need parents to drive carpool to practices and regattas, contribute to the hospitality tent at races, as well as assist the head coach. No coaching or rowing experience is necessary to help out! A complete list of the volunteer opportunities will be published on this website shortly.

Making dues payments

Payments should be made online at the time of registration.

Complete all LCPS forms

Required forms must be submitted to LCPS for all athletes. Detailed instructions are available online. 

  1. Register the student with LCPS for Crew – Registrations are online
  2. Submit completed LCPS sports physicals Please scan and email the physical to the Riverside Athletic Director.
  3. NO ATHLETIC FEE is payable to the school for Crew participants.
Sign up for winter training

Winter training is critical to help athletes prepare for tryouts and the spring rowing season. Please review the details on the winter training program.

Sign Up for Notifications

Stay up to date on all news and information by joining the Facebook group and join the Remind class (class code @rvhscrew).

Join US Rowing's basic membership

If you are already registered with US Rowing either from your participation in a previous season or on another crew team you must make login to your US Rowing account and make sure that your dues are paid for the current year and that Riverside Crew is associated with your membership.

The team will register and pay the initial $25.00 fee for US Rowing Membership for new athletes.  Membership is required for all individuals who wish to participate.  Basic membership is $25.00 per year per member which the athlete will be responsible for renewing each year. The basic membership form can be found on the USRowing website. For the “team name” on the form enter “RVS” and Riverside Crew will pop up. The club code to join is 7UL8W.

Complete SafeSport Training (required for athletes over the age of 18)

Effective January 1, 2022, participants 18 years of age or older (including students) are now required to take SafeSport training You will need to complete the SafeSport Core Training.

If this training is not completed prior to attending a regatta, you will not be allowed to participate. There is no additional fee for the training. We want to emphasize this is not just US Rowing policy, but it is required by law. 

To complete the training use this link to get to the SafeSport training and you will be prompted to provide your name, address and other information. For the MembershipID enter your US Rowing member ID, for Role select Athlete, and for the Name of Sport or Community Organization enter Riverside Crew. Once you have completed the training US Rowing will use that member ID to make sure you have credit for taking the course. 

Pass a basic swimming proficiency test

Basic swimming proficiency is required for all athletes. This is a requirement from US Rowing. We want everyone to be safe on the water so everyone will be required to pass a basic swimming test. The date, time and location for  the test will be announced and any athletes new to rowing.

Parent & Athlete Manual

Coaches have put together a complete manual for athletes and parents. Information about the sport as well as our team is documented for your reference.