Ergathon FAQs

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What is an ergathon?

An Ergathon is a classic competitive rowing and fundraising event for rowing clubs, with athletes competing with support/donations from friends and relatives to achieve their goal! Our Riverside Rowing Club fundraiser will include a variety of individual and group competitions on the Ergometers (Ergs for short), commonly known as rowing machines. 

Note: Parents who want to compete in a short race with athletes can compete in the parents vs the athletes events!

What is our team goal?

We have TWO goals for the ergathon. The first is a distance goal – we want to row 200,000 meters as a team of 27 athletes on Nov 14th! The second is an individual fundraising goal – each athlete has a $200 fundraising goal for the ergathon.

How does the fundraising work?

Athletes ask friends, family, businesses, and neighbors to support us with a donation based on our team goal of rowing 200,000 meters at the ergathon.  Athletes will ask for a donation (not a pledge per meter) for the event.  This allows us to collect donations up front, before the event, so athletes don’t have to go back and collect based on the pledge per meter model.

Why do we have an ergathon?

The purpose of the Ergathon is to raise funds that will be used to maintain the costly equipment needed by a rowing team and to purchase new equipment that is needed. Our team is fully self-funded through Riverside Rowing Club, a non-profit organization.

How do people donate?

We can accept cash, PayPal and Checks made out to Riverside Rowing Club, our nonprofit 501(C)(3) organization. PayPal donations link is on the Riverside Rowing Club website.

Does each athlete have a fundraising goal?

Yes. Each participant has a goal of $200

How do I actually get donations?

Please don’t hit up your parents –they’ve done a ton to support you already. Consider writing an email, texting or calling aunts/uncles/grandparents/family friends/neighbors. Let them know what you’re doing, our goal of rowing 200,000 meters as a team, and why you’re doing it. You can also go door to door with a team mate wearing masks. Donations must be received in ADVANCE of the November 14th event.

Donate & Support Us

Donations can be made in the form of cash, check (payable to Riverside Crew) or online donations via PayPal with the button below.